OOF2: The Manual

3.9. Skeleton Selection

The Skeleton Selection Page has two purposes: it contains tools for creating and manipulating Skeleton groups, and tools for selecting Nodes, Segments, and Elements. Groups can be made from selections, and selections can be modified by groups.

Groups and selections of objects are useful because other operations can be applied to them. For example, it's possible to refine the Elements in an Element group, or pin the selected Nodes.

The geography of the page is shown in Figure 3.15. The Skeleton Chooser at the top of the page selects the Skeleton upon which the rest of the page operates. The Mode Buttons below it determine whether or not the page is selecting and grouping Elements, Nodes, or Segments. Only one of the three modes can be active at one time. The Info Area simply states how many objects (Elements, Nodes, or Segments) are selected.

Figure 3.15. The Skeleton Selection Page

The Skeleton Selection Page

The bulk of the Skeleton Selection Page is occupied by the Group Operations Pane and the Selection Modification Pane. The Group Operations Pane creates and manages groups of Elements, Nodes, or Segments, depending on the current mode. The Selection Modification Pane selects and deselects the same objects.

The Group Operations Pane

The Group Operations Pane consists of three regions. A central list of groups, and two columns of buttons. The central list shows all of the defined groups of Elements, Nodes, or Segments (depending on the Mode) in the current Skeleton Clicking on a group selects it for operations by the buttons.

The buttons to the left of the group list operate on the groups themselves:

The buttons on the right side of the group list affect the contents of the selected group.

The Selection Modification Pane

The Selection Modification Pane contains tools for making and modifying selections in the Skeleton. The pull-down menu labelled Action contains commands from the OOF.ElementSelection, OOF.NodeSelection, or OOF.SegmentSelection menus, depending on the current mode setting. The area right below the pull-down menu is used to set the parameters for the commands.

At the bottom of the Selection Modification Pane are seven buttons:

More tools for selecting Skeleton components are available in the Skeleton Selection Toolbox in the Graphics Window. Those tools all rely on mouse input, in contrast with the tools in the Skeleton Selection Page, which are all mouseless.