OOF2: The Manual

4.7.5. Skeleton Selection

The Skeleton Selection Toolbox, shown in Figure 4.11, contains mouse-based tools for selecting Elements, Nodes, and Segments in a Skeleton. It supplements the Skeleton Selection Task Page, which contains mouse-independent ways of selecting Skeleton components. Other than the Mode Selector buttons at the top, the layout and function of the Skeleton Selection Toolbox are identical to the Pixel Selection Toolbox.

Figure 4.11. The Skeleton Selection Toolbox

The Skeleton Selection Toolbox

The Mode Selector at the top of the Toolbox determines whether mouse clicks on the Canvas will select Elements, Nodes, or Segments. Mouse clicks on the canvas and the buttons in the Toolbox correspond to commands from the OOF.Graphics_n.Toolbox.Select_Element, OOF.Graphics_n.Toolbox.Select_Node, or OOF.Graphics_n.Toolbox.Select_Segment menu, depending on the mode. Because the discussion below refers to all three menus, the customary hyperlinks are missing from the text. For details, refer to the entries in the three menus linked above.

The pull-down menu labelled Method chooses a selection method. Clicking, or clicking and dragging, on the Canvas selects Skeleton components using the chosen method. The shift and control keys on the keyboard can be held down while making a selection. They modify the selection operation as shown in Table 6.1. The shift key retains the previous selection, the control key toggles the previous selection, and both keys together take the intersection of the previous and the new selections.

The Undo, Redo, Clear, and Invert buttons duplicate functions available in the Skeleton Selection Task Page.

The buttons and entry fields in the box labelled History work exactly like those in the Pixel Selection Toolbox. Refer to that discussion for the details.

The way in which selected Elements, Nodes, and Segments are displayed in the Canvas is determined by the SkeletonElementSelectionDisplay, SkeletonNodeSelectionDisplay, and SkeletonSegmentSelectionDisplay DisplayMethods. Predefined Layers for these methods are set to display the selections in the topmost Skeleton Layer. To change the parameters for these Layers, it is necessary first to enable List All Layers in the Settings menu.