OOF2: The Manual


OOF.Graphics_n.Settings.List_All_Layers — List all graphics layers, even predefined ones.




  • Parent Menu: OOF.Graphics_n.Settings
  • Callback: function GhostGfxWindow.toggleListAll in module ooflib.common.IO.ghostgfxwindow
  • Parameters:

    A boolean value, 0 (false) or 1 (true). This is not a keyword parameter (just enter '0' or '1', not 'boolean=1').


The Layer list in the Graphics window usually only shows the primary Layers: those that show Images, Skeletons, and Meshes. It does not show the predefined Layers for pixel selections, Skeleton selections, Active Areas, etc. In order to modify (or delete) the predefined layers in the GUI, it's necessary first to select them. In order to select them, it's necessary to turn on List_All_Layers.

List_All_Layers has no effect in scripts or in text mode. In GUI mode, unlisted layers are indicated by thin horizontal lines in the layer list, as shown in Figure 6.10.

Figure 6.10. Unlisted Layers

Unlisted Layers

Lines marking unlisted Layers in the Graphics window's layer list.