OOF2: The Manual

3.4. Pixel Selection

The Pixel Selection Page contains tools for creating and modifying the set of selected pixels in a Microstructure. None of these tools require mouse input. The pixel selection tools that do require mouse input are all in the Pixel Selection toolbox in the Graphics window.

Figure 3.5 shows the anatomy of the Pixel Selection Page. It consists of a Microstructure Chooser for selecting the Microstructure (called the current Microstructure) whose pixel selection will be modified, a Status Pane, and a Pixel Selection Modification Pane. The Status Pane simply shows how many pixels are selected in the current Microstructure.

Figure 3.5. The Pixel Selection Page

The Pixel Selection Page

The Pixel Selection Modification Pane

The Pixel Selection Modification Pane follows the same layout as the Image Modification Pane in the Image Page.

At the top of the pane is a Modifier Chooser, which selects a method for modifying the pixel selection of the current Microstructure. The Chooser is a pull-down menu, corresponding to the OOF.PixelSelection command menu. The arguments for commands that require them (as in the Despeckle command shown in Figure 3.5) are set in the region below the Chooser. The OK at the bottom of the pane performs the operation specified in the Chooser.

The Undo and Redo buttons at the bottom of the pane undo and redo the latest changes to the pixel selection in the current Microstructure, whether or not the changes were made through the Pixel Selection page or through other means. The Prev and Next buttons cycle the Chooser through the recently used modifiers, without actually affecting the Microstructure at all.

The Clear button clears the pixel selection in the current Microstructure.