OOF2: The Manual

3.3. Image

Images are the way in which the geometry of a microstructure is imported into OOF2. Each Microstructure object can contain any number of Image objects. The Image Page contains buttons for adding and removing Images from Microstructures, tools for modifying Images within Microstructures, and an information area.

Figure 3.3. The Image Page

The Image Page

The Image Chooser at the top of the page identifies the Image (a.k.a. the current Image) that the rest of the page operates upon. Because Images are contained in Microstructures, there are two parts to the Image Chooser: one for selecting a Microstructure and one for selecting one of the Images within it.


The buttons below the Image Chooser perform some basic operations.

The Image Information Pane

The Image Information Pane displays information about the current Image, including its sizes and any comments that might have been stored within the image file.

The Image Modification Pane

The Image Modification Pane contains tools for modifying Images. It consists of two parts: a Modifier Chooser which selects the modification tool, and a set of buttons.

The Modifier Chooser is a pull-down menu. Its entries correspond to the commands in the OOF.Image.Modify menu. If the selected modifier takes arguments, widgets for setting those arguments appear just below the Modifier Chooser. The image argument for all the commands is always set to the Image currently selected in the Image Chooser.

The OK button applies the selected modifier to the current Image. The Undo and Redo buttons below it undo and redo the modification. The Prev and Next buttons don't have any effect on the Image, they just cycle the Modifier Chooser through the previously applied modifications.