OOF2: The Manual


OOF.Image.Copy — Copy an Image.




  • Parent Menu: OOF.Image
  • Callback: function copyImage in module ooflib.image.IO.imagemenu
  • Parameters:

    Type: The path to an existing Image object.
    Microstructure to receive copied image. Type: The path to an existing or new Microstructure object.
    Name to give to copied image. Type: A character string not containing ':', or the variable automatic.


Copy an Image, possibly into a different Microstructure.

The Microstructure named by the microstructure parameter is the destination Microstructure, to which the Image will be copied. If the destination Microstructure is not the Microstructure in which the source Image resides, then it must have the same physical and pixel sizes as the Image. If the destination Microstructure does not already exist, then it will be created. The new Microstructure will have the same sizes as the Microstructure containing the Image being copied.

If the given name for the copied Image is not unique in the destination Microstructure, then it will be made unique by appending <x>, where x is an integer.