OOF2: The Manual

Chapter 6. Reference

6.1. How to use this Chapter

This chapter consists of a set of reference pages for some of the important objects that appear in OOF2 scripts. Since all OOF2 operations can be scripted, these reference pages are the penultimate source for details on how everything works in OOF2.[13]

Each OOF2 operation, and each line in an OOF2 script, is a single command from the OOF2 menus. The menus are hierarchical, and the reference page for each menu item contains a link to page for its parent menu.

[Tip] Tip

Read the parent page! Often it contains useful information that applies to all of the commands in the menu.

The same advice applies to the pages for the RegisteredClass objects. A RegisteredClass base class describes a category of object which is used as an argument in menu commands. For example, a command that creates a boundary condition will have an argument whose value must be one of the members of the BC category. Each base class contains many different subclasses, representing different varieties of things in the base class category. For example, the BC class contains DirichletBC and NeumannBC, and other boundary condition types. Each subclass has its own reference page, which contains a link to the base class's page. Read both pages! The base class page often contains important information relevant to all of the subclasses.

[13] The ultimate source is the code itself, naturally.