OOF2: The Manual

4.7.3. The Pixel Selection Toolbox

The Pixel Selection Toolbox selects pixels in the topmost Microstructure or Image displayed in the Canvas. It augments the Pixel Selection Task Page by providing ways of selecting pixels with the mouse.

Figure 4.9. The Pixel Selection Toolbox

The Pixel Selection Toolbox

The Pixel Selection Toolbox, on the left, and a selection in progress in the Canvas, on the right.

As shown in Figure 4.9, the Pixel Selection Toolbox consists of two regions. The upper region contains a pull-down menu labelled Method for choosing a pixel selection technique. These techniques correspond to commands in the OOF.Graphics_n.Toolbox.Pixel_Select menu. The region immediately below the Method menu is for setting the parameters of the chosen selection method. After choosing a method, clicking or clicking and dragging the mouse on the Canvas will invoke the corresponding command to select pixels.

The shift and control keys on the keyboard can be held down while making a selection. They modify the selection operation as shown in Table 6.1. The shift key retains the previous selection, the control key toggles the previous selection, and both keys together take the intersection of the previous and the new selections.

The four buttons labelled Undo, Redo, Clear and Invert also correspond to commands in the OOF.Graphics_n.Toolbox.Pixel_Select menu. These functions are all available on the Pixel Selection Task Page, but are duplicated in the Toolbox for convenience.

The box labelled History shows the position(s) of the last mouse click in physical coordinates. It displays both the point where the mouse was depressed (down) and where it was released (up). If the selection method did not use one of the coordinates, the Toolbox displays --.

The Prev and Next buttons cycle through both the mouse click history and the history of selection methods.

The Repeat button simulates a mouse click at the coordinates shown in the down and up boxes, using the technique and parameters currently selected in the Method menu. It's possible to change any or all of the parameters, including the mouse coordinates, before hitting Repeat. To change the mouse coordinates, just type new values into the down and up boxes. If the current selection technique requires a coordinate for which there is no data in the box, the Repeat button will be unavailable.

The shift and control keys can be held down while the Repeat button is pressed. They have the same effect that they do while clicking on the Canvas.

The way in which the selected pixels are highlighted in the Canvas may be changed by using the Layer Editor to alter the BitmapOverlayDisplayMethod display method that's assigned to the Pixel Selection category. It will be necessary to enable List All Layers in the Settings menu first.