OOF2: The Manual


OOF.Graphics_n.Layer.Select — Select the given graphics layer.




  • Parent Menu: OOF.Graphics_n.Layer
  • Callback: function GhostGfxWindow.selectLayerCB in module ooflib.common.IO.ghostgfxwindow
  • Options: cli_only=1
  • Parameters:

    Layer index. Type: Integer.


Select a graphics Layer. The Layer is specified by its position n in the window's layer list. The unlisted layers must be counted when computing n. This command isn't very friendly in scripts, because it can be hard to determine n.[19]

Many GUI commands operate on the currently selected Layer or its LayerSet. In scripts or in text mode, it's not usually necessary to select a Layer before operating on it, because most commands specify which layer they apply to. There are exceptions, though. The most important exception is the Layer Editor's Send command, which replaces the selected LayerSet in a Graphics window.

[19] Sorry about that.