OOF2: The Manual


DisplayMethod — Methods for drawing OOF2 objects in the graphics window.


Subclasses are listed as they appear in the GUI and (in parentheses) as they appear in scripts.


DisplayMethods are the techniques used to draw the OOF2 objects, such as Images and Skeletons, in the Graphics Window. Each Layer in the Graphics Window corresponds to a single DisplayMethod.

DisplayMethods may take parameters, which are described in the sections for each specific method. These parameters govern things like line widths, colors, etc. One thing that the parameters do not govern is the object (Image, Mesh, etc.) which the DisplayMethod displays. That is determined by the Layer containing the DisplayMethod. This arrangement allows an object to be displayed by more than one DisplayMethod simultaneously.

DisplayMethods are added to Layers and assembled into LayerSets by the OOF.LayerEditor.LayerSet menu and the Layer Editor window.

Here is a list of the types of displayable objects and the DisplayMethods that apply to them: