OOF2: The Manual


Info (MeshInfoDisplay) — Set display parameters for the decorations used by the Mesh Info toolbox.




  • Base class: DisplayMethod
  • Parameters:

    Color for the queried object. Type: An object of the Color class.
    Color for the peeked object. Type: An object of the Color class.
    Node size. Type: An integer in the range [0, 10].
    Line thickness for element edge. Type: An integer in the range [0, 10].


MeshInfoDisplay marks the Mesh components whose information is displayed in Section 4.7.8 toolbox.

The query_color parameter governs the color of the primary object being displayed in the toolbox. Clicking on the name of another Mesh component in the toolbox highlights that component with the peek_color.

Nodes are displayed with a dot of radius node_size, Elements are displayed by drawing their perimeter with lines of width element_width. Both of these parameters are integers, in units of the screen pixel size.

A single MeshInfoDisplay is created automatically in each Graphics Window and is not normally visible in the window's layer list. To edit its properties, first select List All Layers in the graphics window's Settings menu.