OOF2: The Manual

3.8. Pin Nodes

The Pin Nodes Page contains tools for pinning Nodes so that they don't move during Skeleton modifications. The page provides a GUI for the commands in the OOF.Skeleton.PinNodes menu. See the documentation for OOF.Skeleton.PinNodes for an illustration of how pinning can be helpful.

The anatomy of the Pin Nodes Page, as shown in Figure 3.14, is similar to many other OOF2 task pages. At the top is a Skeleton Chooser, which selects the Skeleton that the rest of the page operates on. Below the Skeleton Chooser on the left is an information pane, and on the right is the Modification Pane, containing a set of tools for modifying the set of pinned Nodes in the selected Skeleton. These tools all reside in the OOF.Skeleton.PinNodes menu.

Figure 3.14. The Pin Nodes Page

The Pin Nodes Page

The Information Pane

The Information Pane simply displays the number of nodes in the current Skeleton and the number of them that are pinned.

The Modification Pane

The Modification Pane contains a pull-down menu, labelled Method, for choosing a tool that modifies the current set of pinned Nodes in the current Skeleton. For details on the methods, see the commands in the OOF.Skeleton.PinNodes menu. Below the pull-down menu is a region for displaying the parameters of the current command, if any.

At the bottom of the Modification Pane are a set of buttons:

  • The OK button applies the currently selected modification method to the pinned Nodes in the current Skeleton.

  • The Undo and Redo buttons undo and redo the latest pinning operations.

  • The Unpin All button unpins all of the Nodes in the Skeleton.

  • The Invert button pins all of the unpinned Nodes and unpins all of the pinned Nodes.