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Carrie Campbell

Bill Boettinger

Presentations from the first workshop

  • Diffusion Review
  • Bill's talks: Overview, Multiphase, and Other Effects
  • Introduction to DICTRA
  • Diffusion Assessments and DICTRA
  • Diffusion in Metallic Glasses
  • Interactive Thermodynamic Database
  • Notes from Workshop

  • Presentations from the September 16&17, 2003 Workshop

  • Notes from Fall workshop
  • Introduction to Dispersed Phase Diffusion Couples (Boettinger)
  • On the formation of a beta layer in gamma + beta diffusion couples and diffusion paths with horns (Morral and Yang)
  • Phase Field Modeling of Interdiffusion Microstructures (Wang)
  • Atomistic modeling of diffusion: Methodology, results and prospects (Mishin)
  • Optimization of mobility parmeters based experimental diffusion couples (Campbell)

  • Presentations from the April 1&2, 2004 Workshop

  • Introduction to workshop (Campbell)
  • Growth of planar layers (Boettinger)
  • Interdiffusion Structures and Coefficients in Ternary Systems (Sohn)
  • Questions about Diffusion Paths (Morral)
  • MultiDiFlux (Dayananda)
  • EPMA: Doing It Right & Doing It Wrong (Newbury)
  • Modeling of Lateral Bulging Diffusion Couples (Boettinger)
  • Diffusion in Unstable Phases & Diffusion in Ordered Compounds (Mishin)
  • First Principles Calculations of Vacancy Formation Energy (Wang)
  • Test Case: Optimization of the Al-Cr-Ni System (Hoglund)
  • Presentations from the April 19&20, 2005 Workshop

  • Workshop notes
  • Introduction to workshop (Campbell)
  • Outside the Box on Diffusion Formalisms (DeHoff)
  • Intrinsic diffusion simulation for tests of Darken relations (Kulkarni)
  • Superalloy Dependent Stability of beta-NiAl Phase in NiCoCrAlY Coatings (Sohn)
  • Multiphase Systems: Possilbe Solution to Horn Problem (Morral)
  • Analysis of Interdiffusion Microstructures (Y. Wang)
  • MultiDiflux Evaluation of Multicomponent Couples (n> 3) (Dayanand)
  • Effective Diffusivity in Heterogeneous Systems (Mishin)
  • Kirkendall effect in multiphase planar layer systems (Boettinger)
  • Diffusion Modeling in the L12 Phase (T. Wang)
  • RPI JAVA Applets (Lupulescu)
  • MatCASE: Forward Simulation & Inverse Degisn (Liu)

  • Presentations from the February 7&8, 2006 Workshop

  • Workshop notes >
  • Introduction to workshop (Campbell)
  • Diffusion Barriers Overview (Boettinger and Perepezko)
  • Novel Barrier Materials for Interconnect Applications (Jossell)
  • Hot Cool Selected Problems of GB diffusion (Mishin)
  • Modeling Marker Motion in Diffusion Couples (Boettinger)
  • Partial Thermodynamic Properties of gamma prime (NiPt)3Al and gamma-(Ni,Pt,Al) in the Ni-Al-Pt-0 System (Copland)
  • Review and Assessment of Diffusion in the B2 and L12 (gamma prime) (Campbell)

  • Presentations from the May 14&15, 2007 Workshop

  • Workshop notes
  • Introduction to workshop (Campbell)
  • Calculating diffusion coefficients in non-dilute multi-component solids from first principles (van der Ven)
  • First-principles Calcuations of Diffusion Coefficients and Migration Entropy (Manjeera)
  • Dislocation diffusion in metals (Mishin)
  • Modeling of Diffusion-induced transformations in Ni superalloys (Mirsa)
  • Composition-Dependent Ternary Interdiffusion Coefficients in the Ni3Al (L12) with Ir, Ta or Re alloying additions (Sohn)
  • Effect of solute concentrations on kinetic pathways in Ni-Al-Cr alloys (Booth-Morrison)
  • The kinetic pathway of coarsening morphology in a Ni-Al-Cr Alloy by Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation (Mao)
  • Modelling diffusion mobilities in the L12 and B2 phases (Campbell)
  • Modeling of oxidation and diffusion in oxides (Agren)
  • Movies presented as a part of the educational tools developed at Union College (Lupulescu)
  • Composition-Dependent Growth Kinetics of Intermetallic Phases in U-Mo vs Al Alloy Diffusion Couples Annealed at 550 C and 600 C (Sohn)
  • Single Phase Layer Formation at the Initial Interface of Ternary Diffusion Couples (Morral)
  • Presentations from the May 12&13, 2008 Workshop

  • Workshop notes
  • Welcome to NIST/Metallurgy Division (Galye)
  • Introduction to workshop (Campbell)
  • H Diffusion in Pd and Pd Alloy Membranes: The Role of Non-ideality (Flanagan)
  • Hydrogen Diffusion in Steels (Feng and Anovitz)
  • Diffusion in CIGS Photovolatics (Kim)
  • U-Mo/Al Alloys Diffusion Couples: Fuel/Cladding Interactions (Perez and Sohn)
  • Uncertainites in Multicomponent Diffusivites and the Determination of Long-Term Diffusivities at Low Temperatures (LaCombe)
  • Diffusion of Transition Metal Solutes in Nickel (Reed)
  • First-Principles Calculations of Diffusion Coefficients in fcc, bcc, and hcp (Manjeera)
  • Diffusion Coefficients from first principles: from intercalation compounds to complex alloys (van der Ven)
  • Diffusion of Substitutional Impurities in bcc Fe: First-Principles Modeling (Asta)
  • Link to Atomistic Potential Repository Project (Becker)
  • Modeling of Diffusion-induced transformations in Ni superalloys (Mirsa)
  • Apply Phase Field Modeling to Real Systems by Integrating with PanEngine (Wu)
  • TC-PRISMA (Mason)
  • Update on Diffusion Mobilities in Oxide Systems (Agren)
  • Diffusion Mobilities in the Cu-In-Se System (Campbell)
  • Single Phase Layer Formation in Nanostructured Multiphase Layered Structures (Morral)
  • Phase Field Simulation of Thermal Transport (Montanhy and Sohn)
  • Diffusive Molecular Dynamics (Li)

  • Photos

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