µMAG Standard Problem #4 results

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Submitted Solution: Dmitri V. Berkov

April 19, 2007.
Dmitri V. Berkov
INNOVENT Technology Development, Pruessingstr. 27B, D-07745 Jena, Germany
Dmitri V. Berkov

These results were obtained using the MicroMagus software package, ver. 5.15. The discretization used was 200 x 50 x 1 (i.e., cell size 2.5 nm x 2.5 nm x 3 nm). The time integration method was an optimized Bulirsch-Stoer with adaptive step size control; integration accuracy is 10-6.



Time series data contain 4 columns: time (ns), <Mx/Ms>, <My/Ms>, <Mz/Ms>. Vector data has 6 columns: x, y, z  position in nm, and Mx/Ms, My/Ms, Mz/Ms  normalized magnetization components.
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