OOF2: The Manual


CubicRank4Tensor — Representations of a cubic 4th rank tensor.


Subclasses are listed as they appear in the GUI and (in parentheses) as they appear in scripts.


The CubicRank4Tensor represents rank 4 tensor properties with cubic rotational symmetry, such as cubic elasticity. The cubic rank 4 tensor has three independent components, as shown in Figure 6.55. Because the elasticity literature uses many different representations of these two components, OOF2 allows you to enter the tensor in a variety of formats.

[Note] Note

The word rank has different meanings in different fields. Here it means the number of indices on a tensor. \(C_{ijkl}\) is a rank 4 tensor.

Figure 6.55. Structure of a Cubic Fourth Rank Tensor

Cubic rank 4 tensor diagram

Structure of a cubic rank 4 tensor. For an explanation of the symbols, see Figure 6.57.