OOF2: The Manual


ElementShapeFuncIterator — Base class for other Node iterators


C++ Synopsis

#include "engine/elementnodeiterator.h"
class ElementShapeFuncIterator: , public ElementNodeIterator {
  virtual double shapefunction(const MasterPosition& position) const = 0;
  virtual double dshapefunction(SpaceIndex derivative,
                                const MasterPosition& position) const = 0;

  virtual double masterderiv(SpaceIndex derivative,
                             const MasterPosition& position) const = 0;


Python Synopsis

from oof2.SWIG.engine import elementnodeiterator
class ElementShapeFuncIterator(ElementNodeIterator):
  def shapefunction(self, position)
  def dshapefunction(self, derivative, position)

Source Files

  • SRC/engine/elementnodeiterator.C: C++ source code
  • SRC/engine/elementnodeiterator.h: C++ header


ElementShapeFuncIterator is derived from ElementNodeIterator and serves as an abstract base class for ElementMapNodeIterator, ElementFuncNodeIterator, and EdgeNodeIterator, and as such should never be used explicitly.

ElementShapeFuncIterator provides an API for looping over Nodes with associated shape functions, and for evaluating those functions.


See ElementNodeIterator for the functions defined in the base class. This section only lists the new methods introduced in ElementShapeFuncIterator.

double shapefunction(const MasterPosition& position)

Each Element's shapefunctions are zero at all but one of the Element's FuncNodes. By pairing shape functions with the nodes at which they're non-zero, a node iterator can identify a shape function as well as a FuncNode. ElementFuncNodeIterator::shapefunction evaluates the iterator's shape function at the master space coordinate given by position.

double dshapefunction(SpaceIndex derivative, const MasterPosition& position) const

dshapefunction is just like shapefunction, but it returns the value of the specified derivative of the shape function. The SpaceIndex takes the value 0 for x and 1 for y.[66]

double masterderiv(SpaceIndex derivative, const MasterPosition& position) const

masterderiv is just like dshapefunction, except that it computes the derivative in master coordinate space, instead of physical space. This is cheaper to compute, but usually less useful.