OOF2: The Manual


ElementMapNodeIterator — Iterate over mapping nodes in an Element


C++ Synopsis

#include "engine/elementnodeiterator.h"
class ElementMapNodeIterator: , public ElementShapeFuncIterator {

Python Synopsis

from oof2.SWIG.engine import elementnodeiterator
class ElementMapNodeIterator(ElementShapeFuncIterator):

Source Files

  • SRC/engine/elementnodeiterator.C: C++ source code
  • SRC/engine/elementnodeiterator.h: C++ header
  • SRC/engine/elementnodeiterator.swg: swig source code


An ElementMapNodeIterator loops over the Nodes whose position determines the shape and position of an Element in an FEMesh. All of its member functions are described in the base class documentation, ElementShapeFuncIterator and ElementNodeIterator.

ElementMapNodeIterators should not be created explicitly. Call Element::mapnode_iterator() instead.