OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Drawers are windows that show pictures of the mesh and the results of the calculation. (See Figure 1.7.) The generic features of the Drawers are described here--for specific details see Chapter 5.

Drawing Area

The Drawing Area is the region at the right where the drawing appears. You can change the size of the window with your usual window manager commands if you want a bigger region.

Zoom Button

This is the small button marked with a ``z'' at the upper left corner of the Drawing Area. Click on it with the left mouse button to zoom out (i.e, to make the image smaller), and with the right mouse button to zoom in. Click with the middle mouse button to make the image fill the window. Be careful about zooming in too far! To scroll the image smoothly, OOF stores a full size copy of it off screen. If you zoom in too far, the off screen copy can fill the memory on your X server. See Section 6.4.

Scroll Bars

The Scroll Bars above and to the left of the Drawing Area let you move the visible region around if you've zoomed in.

Drawing Selector

This is the large rectangle at the top left (marked ``Stress Invariant 1'' in Figure 1.7). It is a pull down menu that controls what's being drawn. Click and drag the left mouse button on it to bring up the menu. The right mouse button will cycle through the options; the middle button will cycle through them the other way.


The Dashboard is the blue region with various controls on it. There are many different Dashboards. Different Drawers have different sets of Dashboards. They are all described in Chapter 5.

Dashboard Selector

The smaller rectangle on the left below the Drawing Selector is the Dashboard Selector. It's another pulldown menu that determines which sets of controls appear in the Dashboard.

Hold Button

The Hold Button to the right of the Dashboard Selector can be used to inhibit redrawing of the image in the Drawing Area. If you're changing many attributes of a large image, you won't want OOF to redraw the image before you've changed all the attributes. Click on the Hold Button (it will light up yellow), make your changes, and click on the hold button again to tell OOF that it's time to draw.

Close Button

This makes the Drawer disappear.

Save Button

This saves the visible part of the image as a ppm file.

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