OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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The following examples assume that OOF has been downloaded and can run on your local machine. OOF is started by typing oof at a Unix (with X-Windows) prompt.

Typing oof -help gives a list of command-line options:

\% oof -help
[... credits ...]
OOF Version 1.1.6
Usage: oof [options]
Options:   -text            use text interface
           -start \!<command>  run commands
           -file <filename> process commands in filename
           -grid <filename> read grid from filename
           -singleclickfns  execute functions immediatedly with one click
           -quit            quit
           -log <logfile>   write a log file
           -help            print this
A .goof file from PPM2OOF is loaded into OOF by typing oof -grid filename.goof. Compressed .goof files can also be read, (for instance, oof -grid filename.goof.gz) which speeds up reading and saves disk space.2.1


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