OOF2: The Manual

6.2.183. OOF.PixelGroup

Create and manipulate pixel groups.

This menu contains commands for creating and manipulating PixelGroups. PixelGroups are named sets of pixels in a Microstructure. Many OOF2 operations work on either the currently selected pixels or on a PixelGroup -- for example, Materials can be assigned either to pixels in a group or to pixels in the selection. In some sense, PixelGroups are simply named pixel selections.

PixelGroups also play a role in creating Skeletons: if a group is marked meshable, then the Skeleton modification methods try to place element edges on the boundaries of the group. That is, membership in meshable groups is considered when computing the homogeneity of a Skeleton element. The meshable flag is set by OOF.PixelGroup.Meshable.

Parent Menu: The Main OOF Menu

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