µMAG Standard Problem #5 Results

See the problem specification.
µMAG could not succeed without the contributions of colleagues working outside NIST. Although we value the contributions made by these colleagues, NIST does not necessarily endorse the views expressed or the data presented in the submitted solutions shown below.

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Comparison of Submitted Solutions

Displayed below are the Mx vs My spirals for each of the input parameter sets from all contributed solutions. Note that some variation is expected due to different solvers using different numbers of significant figures in their values of fundamental constants.

u = -72.35 m/s; ξ = 0
u = -72.17 m/s; ξ = 0.05
u = -71.64 m/s; ξ = 0.1
u = -57.88 m/s; ξ = 0.5

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