OOF2: The Manual


SampleSet — Container for samples. Outputs are evaluated at samples.


Subclasses are listed as they appear in the GUI and (in parentheses) as they appear in scripts.


SampleSet objects are part of the post-solution analysis framework, in which useful data is extracted from the Mesh. The Domain is the subset of the Mesh to which the sampling is applied. The SampleSet determines how samples are taken within the domain.

Most of the SampleSet subclasses listed below come in two versions. The version whose name begins with Stat is used when the data is going to be sent through a statistical function. The other version is used when the data will be sent directly to the screen or a file. The two versions are identical, except that the direct output version has additional parameters that govern which auxiliary data will be displayed. These additional parameters all have names beginning with show_.

Not all kinds of SampleSet are appropriate for all kinds of Domains. The reference page for each type of Domain says which categories of SampleSets it is compatible with. The categories are:


Data is evaluated at individual points within the domain.


Data is evaluated at the centers of pixels.


Data is integrated over the area of Mesh Elements.


Data is evaluated at points along a line.

bent line

Data is evaluated along a joined set of line segments.