OOF2: The Manual


NonlinearSolverBase — Base class for nonlinear solvers, including the null solver.


Subclasses are listed as they appear in the GUI and (in parentheses) as they appear in scripts.

  • None (NoNonlinearSolver) -- Use linear equation solvers.
  • Newton (Newton) -- Solve nonlinear equations with Newton's method.
  • Picard (Picard) -- Solve nonlinear equations with Picard iteration. Picard converges more slowly than Newton's method, but does less work per iteration.


Subclasses of NonlinearSolverBase implement different ways of solving nonlinear sets of equations, including the trivial case, NoNonlinearSolver, which is actually just a linear solver. NonlinearSolverBase objects are used as the nonlinear_solver argument to AdvancedSolverMode when specifying a solver in OOF.Subproblem.Set_Solver.