OOF2: The Manual


OOF.Microstructure.Create_From_OrientationMap_File — Load an Orientation Map file and create a Microstructure from it.




  • Parent Menu: OOF.Microstructure
  • Callback: function _createMSFromOrientationMapFile in module ooflib.orientationmap.orientmapmenu
  • Parameters:

    Name of the Orientation Map file. Type: A character string.
    MISSING TIP STRING Type: An object of the OrientMapReader class.
    Name of the new Microstructure. Type: A character string, or the variable automatic.


This command creates a new Microstructure by reading an Orientation Map file. The pixel and physical sizes of the Microstructure will be the same as the sizes of the orientation map. The orientation data will be loaded into the Microstructure after it's been created, and pixel groups will be created for the phases identified in the data file, if possible.

The format argument indicates which type of orientation map data file is being loaded. The available formats are listed at ???. New formats can be added by writing a small amount of python code, as described in Section 8.5.3.

This command is only available if OOF2 was built with the --enable-orientationmap option.