OOF2: The Manual


definePositionOutput, defineScalarOutput, defineAggregateOutput — Install Outputs in the GUI

Python Synopsis

from oof2.common.IO import output

definePositionOutput(path, output)
defineScalarOutput(path, output)
defineAggregateOutput(path, output)

Source Files

  • SRC/common/IO/output.py


definePositionOutput, defineScalarOutput, and defineAggregateOutput are used to make an existing Output object visible to the user interface, and to determine the name that it will have in the user interface.

  • definePositionOutput is used for Outputs whose value is either a Point or Coord, and that are used to determine the location of points in a contour plot.

  • defineScalarOutput is used for Outputs whose value is a floating point number, and which are used as data in a contour plot.

  • defineAggregateOutput is used for Outputs whose value is a collection of numbers (such as the set of components of a Field or a Flux). Aggregate Outputs are used in the Analysis Page.

The path argument to the functions is a colon separated string (e.g, 'first:second:third'). The last component of the string is the name of the Output. The preceding components (if any) are the names of the nested menus containing the Output. 'first:second:third' means that in the GUI the Output named 'third' resides in the 'second' submenu of the 'first' menu. In scripts, the Output will be identified by the full colon separated string within calls to the getOutput function.