OOF2: The Manual


SegmentSide — The side of an element edge on which output data should be computed.


SegmentSide selects the left or right side of an Element Segment when evaluating Outputs on a SkeletonEdgeBoundaryDomain.

When evaluating an Output along a Segment separating two Elements, the result may depend upon whether the evaluation point is considered to be in one Element or the other, because Fields and Fluxes may be discontinuous at the boundary. Skeleton edge boundaries are directed, having a beginning and an end, so it's possible to specify which Element to use for the evaluation by choosing the one on the left or right side of the boundary. Left means On the left if you were on the boundary and facing towards its end.

If a boundary is external and only has an Element on one side, that element will be used regardless of the SegmentSide selected.


  • LEFT