OOF2: The Manual


FieldIterator — Base class for FieldIndexes that loop over components


C++ Synopsis

#include "engine/fieldindex.h"
class FieldIterator: , virtual public FieldIndex {
  virtual void operator++();
  virtual bool end() const;
  virtual FieldIterator* cloneIterator() const;

Python Synopsis

from oof2.SWIG.engine.fieldindex import FieldIterator
class FieldIterator(FieldIndex):
  def next(self)
  def end(self)
  def cloneIterator(self)

Source Files

  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.h: C++ header
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.C: C++ source code
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.swg: SWIG source code
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.spy: python code included in the swig output


FieldIterator is the abstract base class for classes which loop over the components of multi-dimensional Fields, Fluxes, and Equations. The different subclasses refer to components of scalars,[57] vectors, and tensors.


Methods which are defined in the FieldIndex base class are not listed here. The functions that are listed here are fully described in the IteratorP class, which is used as a wrapper for FieldIterator.

virtual void operator++(), next()

See IteratorP::operator++. operator++ is for C++; next is for Python.

virtual bool end() const

See IteratorP::end.

virtual FieldIterator *cloneIterator() const

See IteratorP::cloneIterator.

[57] Trivially.