Requests for Potentials

This is a list of requests that we've recieved for new materials and systems to add to the repository. We ourselves (usually) do not develop potentials, but interact with researchers who do. This list is meant as a tool for those developers to see what type of systems are being requested, and to submit associated potentials.

If our website is missing what you are looking for, send us an email and we'll post a request. NOTE: we will not send files by email; all potentials we have are posted on the repository. We can post requests both for general materials and specific known potential models. If you are looking for potentials for a general system that we do not have any listings for, we ask that you also check the list of other potential/force-field repositories on the Resources page, and perform a web search for papers reporting new potentials. If you know of existing potential models that we do not have, please send us the reference information and we'll post both the request and try to ask the developers if they are willing to share the potential files.

Date Created: October 5, 2010 | Last updated: March 21, 2024