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Citation: G.P. Purja Pun, V. Yamakov, and Y. Mishin (2015), "Interatomic potential for the ternary Ni–Al–Co system and application to atomistic modeling of the B2–L10 martensitic transformation", Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 23(6), 065006. DOI: 10.1088/0965-0393/23/6/065006.
Abstract: Ni–Al–Co is a promising system for ferromagnetic shape memory applications. This paper reports on the development of a ternary embedded-atom potential for this system by fitting to experimental and first-principles data. Reasonably good agreement is achieved for physical properties between values predicted by the potential and values known from experiment and/or first-principles calculations. The potential reproduces basic features of the martensitic phase transformation from the B2-ordered high-temperature phase to a tetragonal CuAu-ordered low-temperature phase. The compositional and temperature ranges of this transformation and the martensite microstructure predicted by the potential compare well with existing experimental data. These results indicate that the proposed potential can be used for simulations of the shape memory effect in the Ni–Al–Co system.

Notes: The reference information was updated on 26 Aug. 2015.

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Notes: This file was sent by Y. Mishin (George Mason Univ.) on 17 Sept. 2013 and was posted on 17 Jan. 2014. This version is compatible with LAMMPS. Validation and usage information can be found in Mishin-Ni-Al-Co-2013_lammps.pdf.
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Notes: This file was sent by G Purja Pun (George Mason Univ.) on 12 Oct. 2015 and was posted on 15 Dec. 2015. This version corrects an issue with the cutoff distance for Co interactions that was discovered during calculations of pressure dependent elastic constants.
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Notes: Listing found at https://openkim.org. This KIM potential is based on the files from 2015--Purja-Pun-G-P--Ni-Al-Co--LAMMPS--ipr2.
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