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Citation: A.P. Moore, B. Beeler, C. Deo, M.I. Baskes, and M.A. Okuniewski (2015), "Atomistic modeling of high temperature uranium\textendashzirconium alloy structure and thermodynamics", Journal of Nuclear Materials, 467, 802-819. DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2015.10.016.

Dynamo MEAM
Notes: These files were sent by Alexander Moore (Georgia Institute of Technology) on 13 Aug. 2015 and posted with his permission. He noted that "This is a MEAM potential for U, Zr, and U-Zr alloys. The files attached are the potential files for DYNAMO. It should be noted that use of this potential in LAMMPS requires LAMMPS to have a modified cut-off function before it is compiled." Update 27 April 2018: Publication information was added.
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