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Citation: K.-H. Kang, I. Sa, J.-C. Lee, E. Fleury, and B.-J. Lee (2009), "Atomistic modeling of the Cu–Zr–Ag bulk metallic glass system", Scripta Materialia, 61(8), 801-804. DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2009.07.002.
Abstract: In order to investigate the phase separation behavior in Cu–Zr–Ag bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) on an atomic level, a modified embedded-atom interatomic method potential for the Cu–Zr–Ag system has been newly developed. A clear tendency of phase separation of Ag-rich phases could be observed in the supercooled liquid, in reasonable agreement with experimental information. The potential can be used for atomistic investigations of the effects of alloying element Ag on a wide range of amorphous properties of Cu–Zr BMG.

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