OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Select non overlapping circles of elements. Sometimes a particular set of swisscheese parameters will make proper selection time-consuming, if not impossible. The function does a quick job and then leaves details about how well it performed in the message subwindow.

swisscheese arguments

Spatial arguments are in physical units (i.e. the same as width and height).
The number of circles which OOF will attempt to select. The actual number may fall short. Default: 1.
The average radius of the circles. Default: 0.
The deviation about the average radius. The actual radius is $Ravg + p Rdev$, where $p$ is a random number chosen from a Gaussian distribution with mean 0 and deviation 1.
The minimum distance separating the edges any two circles. Default: 0.
The number of times to try to select a circle if selection becomes difficult. No attempt is made to place the circles intelligently. A circle is placed at random, and if it overlaps or comes within separation of another circle, it is rejected. After it is rejected maxtries times, the algorithm gives up and goes on to the next circle. Default: 100.

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