OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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A Note on Typography in this Manual

Bold face font is used for specific items in the graphical interface: Quit Button.

Sans serif font is used for menu items and the names of variables and function arguments: initialize. Since menus can contain submenus (see Section 1.5.1) a slash (/) is used to separate the names of the submenus, with a leading slash to indicate the main OOF menu. For example, /initialize/file is the file command in the initialize submenu of the main menu, and /bc/fix/both is the both submenu of the fix submenu...

Typewriter font is used for things that you type, or that the program types to you: oof -grid example.goof.

Italic font is used when introducing a new definition or whenever some point needs to be particularly stressed.

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