OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Methods for setting and incrementing the mesh distortion.

This menu sets the positions of the boundary degrees of freedom. See the comment in Section 3.6 for the distinction between setting boundary conditions and setting distortions.

Two kinds of distortions can be set in OOF: absolute and incremental. Setting an absolute distortion sets the actual position of or force on the nodes. Setting an incremental distortion sets an amount to be added to the position or force at a later time, when the /distort/increment function is executed.

Menus Functions Variables
set increment  
clear stealth_increment  

The Submenus are:

Set and control the current distortions prior to increment. See section 3.27
Show (in the message subwindow) information about the current distortion state. See section 3.29


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