OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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This menu allows the user to specify the displacements of or forces upon the degrees of freedom of the nodegroups. It is meaningless to specify displacements for nodes that haven't been fixed by the /bc/fix commands, since those nodes will move when the system is equilibrated.

The current distortion is made up of all the distortions and forces in the Variables panel.

There are two steps involved in setting the a distortion for a group of nodes. First, the current distortion is set by adjusting the variables in this Menu. Second, the current distortion is applied to a particular set or sets of nodes by selecting nodegroups from the Functions panel.

Finally, there are two different types of distortion: incremental and absolute (or not incremental). This menu allows you to set each of them independently, depending on the state of the boolean variable incremental. The /distort/increment function needs to be invoked to make the nodes move according to the incremental distortions which have been set. If incremental is false, then the absolute distortions are being set and the displacements take place immediately. In other words, setting an absolute distortion sets the actual position and force on the nodes, whereas setting an incremental distortion sets only the amount by which the position and force will change when the increment function executed.

Menus Functions Variables
  reset_params xstrain = 0
  all_nodes ystrain = 0
  boundaries xshift = 0
  nodegroup... yshift = 0
    xshear = 0
    yshear = 0
    xforce = 0
    yforce = 0
    incremental = true

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