OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Starts up a user-defined loop with `initialize,' `body,' and `finish' components. The loop runs for a user-specified number of iterations. The commands can be any typable OOF commands. See Section 6.1. When the loop starts, a window with a big red Stop button will appear. Click on the button to abort the loop.

loop arguments

A statement to executed once before the loop starts. Default: ``'' (an empty string, in quotation marks. The quotation marks are optional if you're using the graphics interface).
A statement to be executed repeatedly for a user-specified number of iterations. Default: ``''.
A statement to executed after the loop has been completed. Default: ``''.
The number of times that the body statement will be executed. Default: 0.

Example: The loop:

initialize = "deltaT = 0.05"
body = "equilibrate ; mutate"
finish = "graphics open"
iterate = 3
will set the temperature, equilibrate and mutate three times and then open a graphics window.

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