OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Summary of Special Characters

The following characters have special meaning to the text command parser and therefore should not be used in anything that might become a command (such as an element or node group name) or a function argument.
delimits words.
; (semicolon)
delimits commands, ends argument lists.
% (percent)
begins comments in command files.
() (parentheses)
group commands within a submenu.
"" (quotation marks)
delimit string Function arguments containing spaces.
? (question mark)
lists Menu options, or, when doubled, gets help on a specific option.
= (equals)
separates Variables and Function arguments from their values.
, (comma)
delimits Function arguments (optional).
< (less than)
exits a Submenu.
{} (braces)
surround macro definitions.

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