OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Defining Macros

Macros are defined by typing a series of commands enclosed in braces, followed by the name of the macro. If the name isn't supplied and you're running OOF interactively, OOF will ask you for a name. The macro will be installed as a Function in the Menu where you began the definition.

This example installs a macro called step in the main OOF menu:

OOF >> {distort increment; equilibrate} step
This example makes the command select grain1 a shorthand for /select/elements/group/grain1 by installing a macro in the /select Menu:
select {select elements group grain1} grain1
Notice that the commands within the braces are interpreted as commands to the main OOF menu, not the /select menu.

The text interface can read macro files generated by the graphical interface, and vice versa.

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