OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Typing the name of a Function executes that function. If the function has arguments, they should be provided on the command line after the function name. Each argument must have the form name = value. The order of the arguments doesn't matter. Commas may be used to separate arguments, but they're optional. Here is an example from the /select/elements Menu:
select >> circle x=.2 y=.2 radius=.5
If the command is being executed interactively (i.e, at the keyboard, not from a command file or macro), then OOF will ask for any omitted arguments. The default value of each argument is printed in brackets; type a new value or just hit $\langle$return$\rangle$ to accept the default.
select >> circle radius=.3
*Enter x [0.2]: 
*Enter y [0.2]: .5
The default values for the arguments are the values used the last time the command was executed.

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