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GF Library

A GF library with Internet access has been developed with support from SIMA at NIST.

Green's Functions are available for calculation of stress distributions near cracks, free surfaces, and interfaces in isotropic solids for fracture mechanics and stress analysis applications; and scattering of elastic waves from inclusions in solids for acoustic and NDE applications. The code for the current version of the GF library was developed by Frank Rizzo and Ambar Mitra of Iowa State University. This code is available for download [Download].

A new and powerful code, called Julian, is also available there.

For details, please see:

Principal Investigator: Vinod Tewary (NIST)


John Berger (Colorado School of Mines)
Ambar Mitra (Iowa State University)
Adam Powell (NIST)
Frank Rizzo (Iowa State University)

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Last updated: Jan 13, 2005