OOF2: The Manual

B.8. Miscellany

B.8.1. Shouldn't it be called OOF2.1?

You're right. It should be OOF2.1. But it's not. OOF2 is sufficiently different from OOF, that calling it OOF 2 seemed insufficient, so it was called OOF2. But calling the first version of OOF2 OOF2 1.0 didn't seem right, so we called it OOF2 2.0, and are calling the new version OOF2 2.1. We might call the next version OOF3D 3.0 if we feel like it.

B.8.2. What happened to the beta versions?

We're not going to release alpha or beta versions. All versions of OOF2 are tested before they're released, but we can't promise that they are bug free. When we fix bugs, we'll release a new version. When we release a new version, we'll increment the version number.