OOF2: The Manual


MatrixMethod — Ways to solve a matrix equation.


Subclasses are listed as they appear in the GUI and (in parentheses) as they appear in scripts.


Subclasses of MatrixMethod specify the matrix equation solver to be used in AdvancedSolverMode.

The different types of MatrixMethod are applicable to different types of matrix equations. The reference page for each subclass gives some information about its applicability. In particular, solution methods for symmetric matrices can take advantage of the symmetry to obtain a solution more efficiently. OOF2 constructs symmetric matrices when possible, and only allows the symmetric solver (ConjugateGradient) to be used in those cases.

The matrices that arise in finite element calculations are generally sparse, meaning that many of their entries are zero. Sparse matrices can be stored efficiently by only retaining the non-zero values. The iterative MatrixMethods have the advantageous property of not requiring storage for the full matrix. Direct solvers, on the other hand, generate intermediate values at all matrix entries, and so their storage requirements are much larger.