OOF2: The Manual


OOF.Help.API_Listing — Create a verbose listing of all OOF menu commands.




  • Parent Menu: OOF.Help
  • Callback: function menudump in module ooflib.common.IO.menudump
  • Parameters:

    File name. Type: A character string.
    Format for the api listing, 'text' or 'xml'. Type: An object from the MenuDumpFormat enumerated class.


API_Listing dumps information about all of the OOF2 menu items and their parameters to a file. It's mostly used for generating the documentation that you're reading now, but it may also be useful for creating external drivers for OOF2.

The filename parameter specifies the file to which the listing will be written. Any existing file of the same name will be overwritten.

The format parameter determines whether the file will be written as plain text or in XML format. The XML listing is more complete, but less readable without some further processing. The best way of reading the XML output is to read the manual, which you're doing now.

The XML output assumes the DocBook DTD. It also assumes the existence of a large number of external files containing the verbose descriptions of the commands and other OOF2 objects. Anyone who wishes to generate the manual themselves can acquire these files by sending e-mail to .