OOF2: The Manual


SymTensorInPlaneIterator — Iterate over the in-plane components of a symmetric 3×3 tensor


C++ Synopsis

#include "engine/fieldindex.h"
class SymTensorInPlaneIterator: , public SymTensorIterator {

Python Synopsis

from oof2.SWIG.engine.fieldindex import SymTensorInPlaneIterator

class SymTensorInPlaneIterator(SymTensorIterator):


Source Files

  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.h: C++ header
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.C: C++ source code
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.swg: SWIG source code


SymTensorInPlaneIterator is a SymTensorIterator that restricts itself to the in-plane components of a 3×3 symmetric tensor. It returns the indices in Voigt order: xx, yy, zz, xy.