OOF2: The Manual


OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex — Index the out-of-plane components of a 3×3 symmetric tensor


C++ Synopsis

#include "engine/fieldindex.h"
class OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex: , public SymTensorIndex {

Python Synopsis

from oof2.SWIG.engine.fieldindex import OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex
class OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex(SymTensorIndex):

Source Files

  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.h: C++ header
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.C: C++ source code
  • SRC/engine/fieldindex.swg: SWIG source code


A OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex is a FieldIndex that refers to the out-of-plane components of a symmetric 3×3 tensor. That is, the index can only take the values "zz", "yz", and "xz".

OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex are usually wrapped inside an IndexP object. See the IndexP documentation for information about the available methods.

OutOfPlaneSymTensorIndex::integer returns the Voigt index minus 2:

Table 8.2. Out-of-plane Voigt Indices

str i j Voigt
zz 2 2 0
yz 1 2 1
xz 0 2 2