OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

Recent Changes to the OOF Manual

This file lists the latest changes to the on-line OOF Manual. A postscript version of the latest manual is available from the OOF download page.

9 December 1998 Corrected the instructions for how to enter Euler angles for crystal orientations. The old description had the second two numbers reversed. If you thought you were getting an orientation of [L,R,S], you were actually getting [L,S,R].
18 February 1999 Brought manual up-to-date with OOF version 1.0.5.
8 March 1999 Fixed description of /reset command.
18 June 1999
Fixed description of /output/force. It prints the total force, not the average force.
Added only_once parameter to mutable elements.
Fixed description of application of knockdown factors in mutable elements.
Brought manual up-to-date with OOF version 1.0.8
22 October 1999 Fixed OOF home page links at the bottom of the pages in the on-line manual.
15 November 1999
Clarified mutation method in mutable elements.
Added zimmer2, trigonalA, trigonalB, and trigonalCrack elements.
Fixed diagram of Cijkl for trigonal symmetry.
17 February 2000
Fixed yet another spot where /output/force was described wrongly. It really does print the total force on a nodegroup.
18 April 2000
Added a footnote to the section on the text interface, explaining that the graphics commands are only available when "-text" is not specified as a command line option.
15 May 2000
Added a section on the Cross Section dashboard, and description of the enhancement variable.
16 May 2000
Added section on the /output/crosssection commands, and fixed the section on the Cross Section dashboard, bringing it up to date with OOF 1.0.8 beta 27.