OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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OOF is a big project. We are grateful for, and continue to rely on, help from a number of people.

Roldan Pozo provided invaluable advice on C++ and sparse matrix methods. Andy Roosen helped with the initial design and is our personal wizard.

Pioneers who bravely tested early versions of OOF include Jill Glass, Chun-Hway Hsueh, Thomas Isabell, Mark Knackstedt, James McMahon, Anil Saigal, Toyce Small, Mike Zimmerman, and André Zimmermann. Their comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

OOF is supported by the Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science in the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory and by the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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