OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Control Characters Used when Setting Variables

When typing in any input box in the graphical interface, the input can be edited with the following control characters. This section is cut directly out of the XForms manual6.2:

        delete previous char  <Delete>
        delete next char      <Cntl> D
        delete previous word  <Meta> <Delete>, <Cntl> W
        delete next word      <Meta> d
        delete to end of line <Cntl> k
        backspace             <Cntl> H
        to beginning of line  <Cntl> A, <Shift> <Left>
        to end of line        <Cntl> E, <Shift> <Right>
        char backward         <Cntl> B, <Left>
        char forward          <Cntl> F, <Right>
        next line             <Cntl> N, <Down>
        previous line         <Cntl> P, <Up>
        next page             <PageDown>
        previous page         <PageUp>
        word backward         <Meta> b
        word forward          <Meta> f
        beginning of field    <Meta> <Home>, <Shift><Up>
        end of field          <Meta> <End>, <Shift><Down>
        clear input field     <Cntl> U
        paste                 <Cntl> y

You can use the mouse or the right and left arrow keys to position the cursor within the text. Double clicking on a word in the text will select that word; triple clicking will select all the text. Typed characters are inserted at the cursor, or replace the selected text.

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