OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Getting Help

To see a list of the available options, type a question mark:

OOF >> ?
=== Type "?? xxx" to get help on option "xxx".
=== Choices are (command* menu/ variable=) :   
deltaT= maxiter= tolerance= globalK= preconditioner= verbose= seed=
commandfile* equilibrate* comp_equil* mutate* reset* cruise* loop*
quit* initialize/ modify/ groups/ select/ bc/ distort/ output/
graphics/ plot/ macros/ log/ 
OOF >>
A name followed by an equals sign (=) is a Variable, a name followed by an asterisk (*) is a Function, and a name followed by a slash (/) is a Menu. Typing two question marks followed by a Menu, Function, or Variable name will give more information about that specific object:
OOF >> ?? tolerance
tolerance = 1e-05: iterative method tolerance
OOF >> ?? distort
distort: set and apply distortions and forces
OOF >> ?? equilibrate
equilibrate: compute displacements

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