OOF: Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

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Print information about each element individually. All functions in this menu and its submenus print data to a file. Each line of the file begins with an element index, followed by the quantity(s) of interest for that element. The element index can be used to select the element (see /select/elements/number, section 3.19.4), or to cross reference files created with different /output/individual functions. Note that the element indices can change if the grid is modified and then equilibrated!

Menus Functions Variables
group current_area  
hline stress original_area  
strain orientation  

The Submenus are:

Print element by element output only for elements in a particular element group. See section 3.33.
Print various stress components for each element. See section 3.34.
Print various strain components for each element. See section 3.35.


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